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Virtual Workshop Series:
Your Roadmap to Prosperity™

Nourish & Flourish™ – An Exploration Into Self-Care for Care-Givers

Annette Moreau, CTACC

A Virtual Workshop to provide an opportunity for you to begin exploring your own self-care needs. It was designed to help women who are caring for medically challenged children, parents, working moms caring for family members, or nurses caring for patients … to begin caring for themselves without guilt. This Virtual Workshop could be your oxygen mask! It is presented by a certified coach and mom of two medically-challenged children.

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A New Health Story™ – Transform Your Beliefs, Your Habits, Your Body!

Bobbi DiClaudio, Certified Holistic Health Coach 

A Virtual Workshop presented by a certified holistic health coach, who herself struggled with weight issues, on how to make a radical shift in your weight and health. This Virtual Workshop was designed to open up your mind to self-care and begin to visualize yourself as healthy and whole.

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A Conversational Blueprint – How Words Create Worlds!

Transform Difficult Conversations Into Empowering Conversations

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC

Dawn M. Karner, ICF-PCC

A one-hour workshop for women who want to learn to effectively transform their conversations in career, business, and life. Discover how to open up conversations that create trust, release our fears of perceived conflict, and experience the freedom to use our words in an empowering way (led by two coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence®). Leave the workshop with A Conversational Blueprint to begin communicating clearly and powerfully to strengthen relationships and achieve greater results. Discover how words create worlds!

In this live workshop you’ll learn how to

  • Establish a foundation of trust (even in the moment)
  • Listen to connect
  • Reframe conversations to strengthen relationships for success

All content is derived from Conversational Intelligence® and the work of Judith E. Glaser.

Who is this Workshop for?

Women who want a powerful voice in the world both personally and professionally.

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Micro-Mindful Moments (MM&M’s) – Is Your Mind Full or Are You Mindful?

Rosalie D. Gibbons, MFT 

Is your mind full or are you mindful? Discover how to integrate small pieces of mindfulness into your days and using these MM&M’s to enhance your overall well-being and recharge your immune system. This Virtual Workshop is presented by a therapist and coach, designed to impact your effectiveness, clear your mind, and create new prosperity energy. You’ll receive a ‘Roadmap’ recording (MP3) to learn how to simplify your mindfulness practice and develop a prosperity-mindset in just a few MM&M’s a day.

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