We believe women who practice self-care will thrive and prosper.

For Women Who Want to Reclaim Their Health & Vitality

Nurture & Nature: How to Fall Radically in Love with a Healthier Version of You!

Ask yourself…

Do I struggle with self-care?
Do I want more energy to move through my days?
Do I need support in how to get the results I want with my health, body and vitality?

This on-demand virtual workshop introduces you to delicious whole foods, physical movement you’ll learn to love, and self-care that will reduce your stress levels. Imagine reclaiming your energy and vitality. What other possibilities would you create when you feel nurtured and healthy?

45 Minute On-Demand Virtual Workshop + Participant Guide + Bonuses

Discover How to Reclaim Your Health & Vitality

3 Steps to Building Resilience & Reclaiming Your Life

A Nature-Based Approach to Thriving After Divorce

This Workshop is For:
Women, like you, who find themselves impacted by divorce, and want to bounce back.
Perhaps YOU are struggling with the fallout from divorce and all the changes it has brought YOU.
This workshop is for women who want something better for themselves, a new level of trusting and connecting, with wellness and vitality – being supported and experiencing joy.

45 Minute On-Demand Virtual Workshop + Participant Guide + Bonuses

Discover How to Build Your Resilience & Reclaiming Your Life

Mindfulness For Women Seeking Work-Life Balance

Experiencing Micro-Mindful Moments (MM&M’s)

This on-demand virtual workshop was developed to inspire and encourage you in using moments throughout your day to practice mindfulness. You don’t have to spend hours in meditation to reap the benefits!

Mindfulness zones are being designed by many corporations that recognize the increased benefits for management and staff.

What You’ll Discover…

In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn to easily introduce micro-mindful moments into your daily routine at home or at work to realize for yourself the health benefits of practicing on a daily basis
  • Practice self-care to achieve your best physical and emotional health
  • Reduce your anxiety and conflicts decreasing stress for a better quality of life
  • Accelerate your energy to better manage your work and personal life
  • Increase your work-related focus and performance
  • Improve your clarity of mind and overall healthy well being.

Bonuses Included With This On-Demand Workshop and Participant Guide:

  • Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment to Gauge & Increase Your Level of Prosperity-Thinking ($47 value)
  • Access to a Prosperity-Minded Visualization to Elevate Your Prosperity Mindset ($27 value)
Discover More Micro-Mindful Moments