The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Acceptance Live Virtual Workshop Spring 2019


In this 45-minute webinar, you can begin to make peace with your money saboteurs and embrace a prosperous business and life.


The more we repress a part of ourselves, the more the repressed part will return in our lives. The energy is never destroyed, it just changes form.  – Dr. David Drake, Narrative Coach

Are your clients repeating their old stories, with the limiting beliefs that keep them from thriving in certain ares of their lives?  In my prosperity coaching practice, when hearing my client’s story, I listen to connect with what’s not being said as much as what is being said.  I work with the “whole” individual to uncover why they do what they do.  Their shadow story may be a blind spot they are unconsciously projecting onto others. This can be a destructive piece with many of their relationships. Everything shows up in relationship!

My work in helping people shift from sabotage to success starts with going deeper into their limiting beliefs, conscious and unconscious, that have been stopping them from reaching their full potential.  This is why I use this concept from the transformational arena called “Breakdown/Breakthrough” in all my work, including coaching and facilitating live courses.  Once we’ve uncovered their saboteurs, they are willing to adopt a positive shift in their mindset, and we’ve created a strategy to narrate or write a new thriving life story, they can then experience meaningful lasting change … and prosper. I define the meaning of prosperity as: Embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life.

This 90-minute virtual workshop will take you through the building process for my model, from uncovering the saboteurs, developing their state of mind, to building a strategy for a new thriving life story.  The process for my model is Saboteur/Shadow/State of Mind/Story/Strategy for Change.  For this webinar, we’ll focus specifically on our relationship with money and success.  

As a coach participant, you’ll receive access to my LifeLine Exercise, the Assessment that works best to uncover the limitations sabotaging their progress, and a full picture of my model to support your clients in shifting from sabotage to success, and you’ll discover first-hand the 5 greatest money saboteurs and how they play out in our lives.

The 5 greatest money saboteurs are:

  • Our parents or caregivers limiting beliefs
  • Our own negative triggers from childhood (shadow stories)
  • Our unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Our limiting choices
  • The actions taken from those limiting choices

Success Stories

“When I started my prosperity training with Gloria, I thought I had a solid plan to achieve my goals, but it became apparent that I needed to make some major mindset shifts.  Even after years of studying psychology and coaching techniques, I was blind to the limitations that held me back from realizing my full potential.” – Malia Monaco, MA, ACC

“It wasn’t until the new money/prosperity story with Gloria as my coach that I was really able to see how I was self-sabotaging and not valuing myself, giving away my talents, shirking my responsibilities, hiding out in shame and not moving forward. I was at the same time in the worst financial position I’ve ever been in, and also had the highest potential for making money.” – Rey

“Being self-aware of my mindset, emotional triggers, and resurfacing of old behaviors will be key to my success. I continually need to remind myself what’s at stake. If I allow old excuses and behaviors to continue, then I will not reach my goals.  My future is “at choice”. I understand that when an unhealthy emotional trigger drives me to make a poor choice or when I knowingly avoid doing what I know I should, I have in fact willingly given my power away.” – Annette Moreau, CTACC (Life Coach on this Platform)

In this 90-minute virtual workshop, you too can begin to make peace with your money saboteurs and embrace a prosperous business and life for yourself and your clients.

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