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Virtual Workshop Series:
Your Roadmap to Prosperity™

Coaches: Color Code® Your Practice 

Gloria Manchester, ACC

Learn to use the Color Code® Personality Science Assessment, a unique and powerful “Discovery Tool” to understand your client’s core motives and how your own style and core motive can be most effective in developing a client’s potential. The most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality tool you’ll ever take on yourself. Other profiles are typically behavior-based (what you do), while Color Code® Personality Science assessment results address your driving core motive (why you do it). Though no two of us are exactly alike, not even identical twins, there are four innate personalities, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow, each with its own motive that drives behavior. Learn how to communicate for influence with each color, from their perspective. Influence is moving people to a desired outcome while helping them feel genuinely good about themselves and you.  

From the results of your own assessment, in this one-hour virtual workshop, you’ll discover

  • How to assess your own style for coaching 3 other core colors
  • The innate strengths that will propel you forward
  • The one limitation that may be holding you back
  • How to set a clear intention to influence change
  • How to use Color Code® as a discovery tool with your clients
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The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage – From Self-Sabotage to Self-Acceptance:  A Journey to Creating a Thriving Mindset!

Gloria Manchester, ACC

It’s true, darkness and light cannot co-exist. Our internal struggles or inner critics too often block out the light. We might call our inner critic the negative coach. Much of the time our childhood shadow story of “not enough” or our own internal self-talk from past regrets, disappointments, and failures are unconsciously sabotaging us. We all have blind spots!  How do we help our clients (and ourselves) overcome the voice of the negative coach… in order to take positive action from the coaching experience?

As a coach, if you have not yourself made peace with money and spirituality, you won’t be equipped to help your clients prosper. In other words, if you are challenged by the idea that making money is not spiritual, you won’t. What if you could readily become more aware of the existence of  the shadow story that is keeping you from building a thriving practice?  This 60-minute virtual workshop focuses on your relationship with money and success. When we change our relationship with money, everything changes. Change your money story-change your life. 

We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. It is thriving; physically, relationally, spiritually, as well as financially.   In my own experience, I discovered, until I was willing to confront my shadow story and have a breakthrough, success eluded me.

This 60-minute Virtual Workshop will take you through the building process for my model, from uncovering the saboteurs and developing an abundant state of mind to building a strategy for a new thriving life story.  For this Virtual Workshop, we’ll focus specifically on our relationship with money and success.  

As a coach participant, you’ll receive access to my LifeLine Exercise, a self-assessment that works effectively to uncover the limitations that sabotage progress, and a snapshot of my model to support your clients in shifting from self-sabotage to self-acceptance. You’ll also discover first-hand, the 5 greatest money saboteurs and how they play out in our lives.

The 5 greatest money saboteurs are:

  • Our parents or caregivers limiting beliefs
  • Our own negative triggers from childhood (shadow story)
  • Our unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Our limiting choices
  • The actions taken from those limiting choices

This 60-minute Virtual Workshop is for you as a professional coach to begin making peace with your money saboteurs and embrace a prosperous business and life. Spirituality is a component of “prosperity”. 

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Increase Your Influence and Your Income!

Malia Monaco, MA, ACC

As a professional coach, you have a uniquely valuable talent in your specific niche.  Through your participation in this virtual workshop, you’ll discover how you can be earning passive income and building a thriving practice. Courseware is like an internet calling card. The great news is you don’t have to be a “techno-geek” to create your own signature online course or live group coaching workshop.  In simple and easy steps, Malia will guide you on how to generate your proprietary presence, draw in more clients, earn more money, and change more lives!

Your first step into online course development is participating in this 90-Minute interactive Virtual Workshop. You’ll learn what is possible for you and how to create an online presence that will help you show and grow your coaching practice.

You’ll also learn about the hosting and marketing opportunities available as an affiliate-partner on this Platform, Create a Thriving Life Story™.

If you’re ready to…

  • Define your Niche to create your perfect offering
  • Position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Reach and retain more of your ideal clients
  • Be more influential and change more lives
  • Create passive income to grow your practice (build it once, sell it multiple times)
  • Be part of a community of professional coaches making a bigger difference in the world

Your journey starts here!

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Mirroring Metaphors™ in Coaching

Janet Ver Fine, PhD 

In ‘Mirroring Metaphors’, I offer an introduction and application to the use of imagery, symbols, and metaphors to illustrate the deeper meaning in developing a new thriving life story.  Too often, our clients believe they’re creating a new vision for their lives, when they’re actually stuck in the same familiar visual storyline and merely adding new pictures. They then later wonder why the’re still struggling. What they really need is to start with a whole new set of pictures that clearly illustrate a fresh new flourishing storyline.

Through your participation in this one-hour workshop, as I assist you in identifying, creating, and incorporating powerful imagery, symbols, and metaphors, you will readily develop the narrative for writing a new powerful life story. Your own experience in this process will equip you to easily translate this deeper metaphorical wisdom into your coaching practice, priming and empowering your clients to re-invent themselves and manifest their goals and aspirations.

If you are a professional coach, ready to discover deeper, meaningful, and powerful changes for you and your clients through the use of ‘Mirroring Metaphors’, this Virtual Workshop is for you.

In this one-hour experience, you’ll be inspired to discover

  • The true power in your clients’ stories
  • The keys to uncovering what’s not being said
  • New reflections from their life journeys
  • How to manifest their goals and aspirations using metaphors
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A Conversational Blueprint – Discover How Words Create Worlds!

How to Transform Difficult Conversations Into Empowering Conversations

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC

Dawn M. Karner, ICF-PCC

A one-hour workshop for women who want to learn to effectively transform their conversations in career, business, and life. Discover how to open up conversations that create trust, release our fears of perceived conflict, and experience the freedom to use our words in an empowering way (led by two coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence®). Leave the workshop with A Conversational Blueprint to begin communicating clearly and powerfully to strengthen relationships and achieve greater results. Discover how words create worlds!

In this live workshop you’ll learn how to

  • Establish a foundation of trust
  • Listen to connect
  • Ask questions for which you have no answers (be curious about others)
  • Double-click (a metaphor to open up the meaning that others may hold)
  • Reframe conversations to strengthen relationships for success

All content is derived from Conversational Intelligence® and the work of Judith E. Glaser.

Who is this Workshop for:

Women who want to have a powerful voice both personally and professionally

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Experiencing Micro-Mindful Moments

Rosalie D. Gibbons, MFT

Do you want to generate a mindfulness culture in your home and workplace?

In our information-overload world, the moment we wake up, the moment we open our eyes, our brains start racing with a Niagara Falls cascade of thoughts and our bodies awaken to a stream of sensations and feelings.

As we start our day, whether at home or at work, we unconsciously begin multitasking with an ongoing list of things to do.  In this never-ending process, we are often not aware of our emotional state, our energy levels, and the stress we are placing on our bodies, hearts, and minds; nor are we aware of the impact we are having on those around us.

Today, mindfulness is the focus of leading-edge studies and research in top universities and medical institutions around the world. This impressive research is showing us we can use our minds to measurably change and rewire our brains in positive ways.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn to easily introduce mindful moments into your daily routine at home or at work that will accelerate your personal development, increase work-related focus and performance, and contribute to your clarity of mind and healthy well being.

Though you must practice mindfulness to gain its benefits, you don’t have to be devoted to hours of daily meditation.  And, you don’t need to take a big chunk out of your day in order to reset, refuel and recharge yourself. In fact, mindfulness is more about focus and frequency than it is about length of attention.

Here are some of the benefits of inserting micro-mindful moments throughout your day:

  • Elevate your productivity and creativity
  • Increase your clarity of focus and decision-making
  • Expand your emotional intelligence and communicate more effectively
  • Decrease your stress and readily recover from conflict and frustration
  • Build-up your immune system responses and resilience to distress
  • Improve your overall health and well-being
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