The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage by Gloria Manchester

Do you know how and when you sabotage yourself? How about your clients? We all do it at various times! I’ve written extensively about self-sabotage, and how it unconsciously keeps us from experiencing our maximum potential. We don’t know what we don’t know!

In my coaching model, I help my clients overcome self-sabotage, by having them recognize the unconscious limitations that are holding them back, and asking them to choose a different response (other than their usual response or behavior). This is Neural Conditioning to Make Changes that Last.

You know as coaches that self-regulation is a necessary practice to expand your client’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

All of us have unexpected circumstances to overcome from time to time, that’s life! To the degree we are willing to learn how to manage our emotions, in the middle of them, we’ll thrive. One of the concepts I facilitate is Breakdown-Breakthrough.

One day this past week, a situation came up that had me thinking defeat. I was deep into self-pity. My amygdala was hijacked. I couldn’t focus on any one solution. I was a mess! Here I am starting a movement called Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ and for a short time, I felt like giving up.

Thankfully, I am blessed with an incredible network of support, and upon hearing the bad news that my platform name “Create a New Life Story™” was infringing on someone’s trademark, I called on that support.

This was not a small problem, it was major. This platform has cost me many thousands of dollars to develop, and I had been working for a year and a half writing content around that site name and concept.

Here’s the truth, no matter how aware we are of our own limiting beliefs, and how they play out in our lives, we can still occasionally fall prey to defeat. Achieving success is just a matter of how long we stay in that negative mindset, without recognizing how we may be about to sabotage ourselves. I had to choose a different strategy to move forward in spite of my circumstances.

The difference in how this situation played out for me was based on my willingness to draw on the work I had done on myself personally and professionally over many years, and knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And, because I live by what I know to be true, I quickly made the necessary shift to move from problem to solution. One of my BFF’s, who is also a coach on this platform, texted these wise words to me; “You are modeling what it is to experience a serious breakdown, only to rise above the hurt to the heart of significance.” What I heard her telling me was, refocus on what matters. Breakdown-Breakthrough!

What circumstance are you facing today where you could use support, encouragement, and a new strategy?

I’m passionate about offering programs on this platform that support, encourage, and motivate users to discover, grow, and thrive. We have webinars to open up your mind and strategize solutions to almost any problem you may be facing today.

Here are my 5 Steps to Overcome a Negative Circumstance:

  1. Stop everything, sit down, and take 3 deep breaths
  2. Identify the emotional trigger at play (and exactly how you may be about to sabotage yourself)
  3. Call for support (friend, associate, coach)
  4. Take another deep breath and focus on what matters
  5. Choose an ideal response in the situation (a different way of managing)

I’m in the development phase of a new informative training webinar for coaches called: The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage: From Sabotage to Success – Creating a Thriving Mindset! This is the first webinar in a series called Your Roadmap to Prosperity™.

In my years of coaching, I have discovered that no matter who my client is, if I didn’t clearly address their limiting beliefs, at a deep level, their story didn’t change (they just moved the furniture).

In your experience as a coach, what is the biggest challenge you have in overcoming your client’s limiting beliefs?

Click here to share your answer to this one question. You’ll be helping me develop the most informative webinar on self-sabotage to use with yourself and your clients. As a thank you, you’ll receive Dr. Dave Krueger’s Neural Conditioning Chart – Making Changes That Last.

To your prosperity, Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC and Founder of Create a Thriving Life Story™