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Edition 1 – July 2018

Welcome to the Prosperity Evolution Initiative™

The Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ is about envisioning yourself as enough, well and whole, flourishing in all areas of your life. This ground-breaking Initiative was created for us to be in recognition so we can spot and seize opportunities for prosperity … wherever we look.

Though most of us say we want to live abundantly, we are often not aware of exactly what holds us back, and we don’t know how to overcome the challenges that prevent us from reaching our goals and aspirations. To live prosperously is an evolutionary process.

Living prosperously isn’t a destination or something to acquire; it is about developing a thriving mindset that supports your BIG dreams, while you take the actions over time, that compels you to bring a meaningful vision to reality.

The journey starts with you completing the Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Self-Assessment. There are 8 areas of life covered in this Assessment and 3 possible outcomes. The outcome from your responses will guide you in discovering your current mindset, your unique strengths, and most importantly, the areas which require your attention and focus. If you really want to thrive, set aside a few conscious minutes without interruption to take this Assessment.

Here are 5 Steps to Begin Your Journey to Prosperity

  1. Complete the Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Self-Assessment (once completed a PDF of a PIE of Prosperity will be emailed to you. Fill it in following the instructions as you go through your outcome page.)
  2. After completing the Assessment, highlight the PIE of Prosperity (with a pencil or highlighter) based on your outcome, and reflect on the areas in each of the 8 categories that are your strengths, to validate yourself and your progress.
  3. Next, identify the areas that are challenging you where you’re not winning, that require your attention and focus.
  4. Choose one of those areas that you’ve identified need your attention, where you are willing to take a single action to improve.
  5. Write out that one action step, you choose to initiate, that will move you forward in that specific area of your life.

We can all live prosperously. The Greater Meaning of Prosperity: Embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. The key word is embracing. You can have a healthy body, mind and spirit. Think strategically about what you’re putting into it. When you are thriving in all areas of your life, you are whole. It’s an evolutionary process and it’s all up to you. Prosperity starts with a shift in mindset—believing what’s possible for you. Once you begin to think more prosperously, pay it forward!

There’s a lot of brokenness in this world, and many people who need encouragement, opportunity, and acts of kindness. Become a people-builder!

Stay posted for more ideas on how to develop your prosperity. I invite you to take a look around our platform at all the programs available for your personal and professional growth.

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My hope for you is that you begin to develop your Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

Create a Thriving Life Story™ is about embracing prosperity, which we define as an influential, flourishing, healthy, successful life experience. It’s living in your full abundance. Why not you? You can become a prosperity-builder, which simply starts by shifting your mindset to see opportunity wherever you look and then passing it on. 

To find out how to become a prosperity-builder, get more tips on creating abundance, and learn more about what is to come on our platform, please put January 3, 2019 on your calendar. This is the date of our BIG 2019 Launch of Create a Thriving Life Story™ with amazing online growth programs for small business, entrepreneurs, coaches, as well as personal development.

Gloria Manchester, Author and Coach