Abundance in Action 

How do we achieve abundance, where does it come from? How do we harness it in our lives? These are deep questions, and for the answers … we go deep.

According to Katherine McIntosh, author, speaker, and coach, “we spend most of our time trying to use our rational mind to solve our problems and achieve our goals, but that greatly limits us. To achieve success in life, learn to listen to the wisdom contained not just in your mind, but throughout your whole body. ”

The same is true in order to tap into the abundance within us. In our unconscious mind, we often carry negative messages we downloaded from our childhood or our own past failures.

Here’s an exercise to help you unlock the abundance within you. You’ll have to read through it first, before doing it, since you need to have your eyes closed. I recommend you actually record, on your cell phone, you reading through it so you can play it back again.

Find a comfortable chair to sit. With your back against the chair, put your feet flat on the ground, with your hands on your thighs, palms up, and close your eyes. Now, take three slow deep breaths. Recall an incident from your childhood when you lost something, you heard your parents talk about money in the context of scarcity, as if there’s never going to be enough, or recall any event when you felt defeated.

Take a couple more deep breaths, and in your mind’s eye see a picture of the incident as clearly as possible. Bring to mind the people, the place, and the details of the incident. Draw a wide black frame around that picture. Sit with it for a moment.

Now, turn your head and body to the left and picture yourself living in your dream place, in your ideal job, driving the perfect car, or on a fabulous vacation with loved ones. Stay with it for a few minutes. Take another deep breath and draw a bright, shining white screen around it. I use flashing white lights.

Go back into the neutral position to the picture with the black screen and visualize the negative incident again. Stay with me with that picture in your mind’s eye for another moment. Take another deep breath and notice where in your body you may be feeling the stress in recalling that scene. Is it your neck and shoulders, your head, your gut, or perhaps your lower back? Where in your body do you feel a twinge of anxiety?

Now, go back to the screen with the bright white light surrounding it. Stay in that picture for a moment. Pause, breathe, and accept it as a real possibility. Make it your new reality! Slowly open your eyes.

Finally, pick up your journal or some paper and begin to write the feelings associated with the black screen events, writing down exactly where you felt the anxiety in your body. This becomes your gauge for what’s going on in your unconscious mind to alert you that it’s time to do some visualizing of the positive events you want to create in your life, just as you did in this exercise.

Not using visualization is like not using your mind! – The Law of Attraction

We often cling to stress and tension, and in a moment we can ask our body to let go. Go one step further, tear up, shred, or burn the paper you wrote the feelings associated with the negative events … as a manifestation of letting go.

According to Louise Hay, author and speaker, every negative emotion has a physical component. Metaphysics is about cause and effect.

Now you can begin to overcome scarcity, by visualizing abundance in your daily life through your relationships and your body. This is putting abundance into action.

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Gloria Manchester, Author and Coach