A Strategy for Prosperity in 2019

If someone said to you, in this moment, “The universe is on your side. You can achieve prosperity in 2019. All you have to do is; begin developing an abundant state of mind, releasing your old story of scarcity and not-enoughness, engaging with others at a much higher level of contribution, and standing in your commitment to create a thriving life story around your highest aspirations”. What would you say? That’s a tall order right?

Here’s some of the negative feedback we’ve heard that caused us to create our LEAP Playing to Win Chart™ – Shifting From Playing Not To Lose to Playing to Win!

  • I don’t trust myself or others to play at that level
  • I’m afraid of change
  • I react negatively to people who have money
  • I have a lot of reasons I can’t do this, it’s sounds way too hard
  • I don’t want to engage with others and ask for support, I’m afraid to be rejected
  • It’s too risky to start something that BIG
  • I often let my perfectionism stop me from taking action
  • I can’t save money, I like buying stuff to make me happy (in the moment)
  • I don’t want to meet other’s expectations and I don’t set many for myself
  • I often give up too easily
  • I’m self-critical (my inner critic is at work all the time)
  • I tend to over-think and end up doing nothing (freeze)
  • I resent people who seem to have things come easy
  • I’m unforgiving of my past mistakes, maybe I unconsciously believe I don’t deserve to win
  • I’m not willing to be that transparent
  • I can be very inflexible and controlling
  • I don’t make gratitude a daily habit, what’s the use when there are so many challenges in life
  • I typically focus more on the problem rather than the solution
  • I’m not a good team-player, I’d rather be in charge
  • Who am I to think I could make a contribution to the world?
  • What is the world doing for me?

Which one or more of these playing not to lose statements sound like it could be coming from you?  The truth is most people play not to lose in life, it’s too risky for some to step out of those attitudes and take ownership of creating a meaningful prosperous life.  This Platform Create A Thriving Life Story™ was designed to challenge your negative thinking and open your mind to discovering new ways to live prosperously; embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. Why not you?  Put January 10th on your calendar for our big launch.

Go to this link to get a “win-win” opposite for each of these “lose-lose” attitudes. Begin to discover how to make the shift to play to win and have a meaningful and prosperous life. Your next step in life is a click away

Prosperously yours, Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC – Life, Business, and Prosperity Coach www.createathrivinglifestory.com