Prosperity Evolution Initiative™

We all learn our language and culture through storytelling. Throughout our lives, stories have not only captivated us but have also inspired us to take action. People aren’t influenced by what we tell or sell, they’re influenced by how passionate we show up in our stories. My coaching platform, was designed to inspire business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and women to initiate positive change in their lives through group coaching workshops, courses, trainings, and masterminds. My movement, Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ is all about each one of us being empowered to develop a new prosperity story. I define prosperity as: embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life.  Why not me, why not you?

I was excited to find out that Linda Olson, International Best-Selling Author and Story Expert, was looking for speakers for her complimentary online show called Your Story Matters.  So, I signed up! I am honored to have been invited to be on her show. I am now a prosperity-partner with Linda. Please log into her site to hear my interview as well as interviews with many other inspirational professionals.

As Linda says, “Telling stories is something everyone can do. But knowing how to impact millions with your story is a learned skill.”  Join 21 experts as they share how to find, create and tell their story to impact the people they want to reach. It’s FREE. Begins January 25. Click on the link to register NOW.  Hear my story and find out the wealth in your own story.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Founder of www.createathrivinglifestory.comGo to our platform and get free access to our ground-breaking Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment. Gauge your abundance quotient today in 8 areas of life.