Press Release: CUTV News Radio  – Interview set for Thursday January 24th at 1 pm EST 

CUTV News Radio spotlights Gloria D. Manchester and Create A Thriving Life Story

Sacramento, CAGloria D. Manchester is a life and prosperity coach with over 25 years of experience in the field of personal and professional development and transformational seminars.

 What is prosperity? It’s not just about wealth. It encompasses everything from our emotional and physical health, relationships, service to others, and emotional intelligence. Prosperity begins with a mindset shift, believing in what’s possible, being open to seeking opportunity wherever we look, and developing a strong desire to be the hero of our own story. Gloria developed and trademarked Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment to challenge our thinking in how we see abundance in 8 areas of our lives.

Manchester is the founder of the Create A Thriving Life Story™ platform, an innovative suite of coaching programs for small business, entrepreneurs, coaches, and families, to discover how to develop a thriving mindset using advances in neuroscience to promote changes that last. This Platform offers group coaching, online workshops, courses, masterminds, books and other products, to make coaching accessible and affordable for more people seeking positive change in their lives.

“This platform is all about writing and narrating the thriving life story you want to bring to the world,” says Manchester. “That’s why we encourage users to embrace their histories while discovering new ways to live prosperously. I’m grounded in transformational work. I believe each one of us has the power to change our story and change our life.  We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. When we live awakened by adopting an abundance-mindset, we’ll thrive in all areas of life.”

Manchester’s signature online product is A New Prosperity Story™ an accelerated online communication and relationship-building sales course for entrepreneurs, coaches, and network marketers to achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.

“I’m passionate about developing a thriving culture of entrepreneurs and coaches that are inspired and motivated to build a prosperous business and lifestyle,” says Manchester. “This is how we’ll influence more people to create a thriving story for themselves and make a bigger impact on the world.”

“Create A Thriving Life Story™ is my legacy project. I know I’ve impacted many lives over many years. I also co-founded a nonprofit called C A R T E in 1990 which stands for Child Abuse Resolved through Education. This 501c3 provides the STARR Life and Leadership Course, with a follow-up coaching component for teen girls who have been bullied or sexually exploited.

Create A New Life Story™ Platform with all access to its life-changing programs is something I want to leave behind, which is why I’ve brought in other professional coaches that I admire and respect, with their offerings, so that it could carry on beyond my lifetime.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Gloria D. Manchester in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 24th at 1 pm EST. It was recorded so you can listen in your own time.

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