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The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage – From Self-Sabotage to Self-Acceptance:  A Journey to Create a Thriving Mindset!

Gloria Manchester, ACC

It’s true, darkness and light cannot co-exist. Our internal struggles or inner critics too often block out the light. We might call our inner critic the negative coach. Much of the time our childhood shadow story of “not enough” or our own internal self-talk from past regrets, disappointments, and failures are unconsciously sabotaging us. We all have blind spots!  How do we help our clients (and ourselves) overcome the voice of the negative coach… in order to take positive action from the coaching experience?

As a coach, if you have not yourself made peace with money and spirituality, you won’t be equipped to help your clients prosper. In other words, if you are challenged by the idea that making money is not spiritual, you won’t. What if you could readily become more aware of the existence of  the shadow story that is keeping you from building a thriving practice?  This 60-minute virtual workshop focuses on your relationship with money and success. When we change our relationship with money, everything changes. Change your money story-change your life. 

We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. It is thriving; physically, relationally, as well as financially.   In my experience as a coach, I discovered until I was willing to have a breakdown around my own inner critics, success was elusive.

This 60-minute Virtual Workshop will take you through the building process for my model, from uncovering the saboteurs, and developing an abundant state of mind to building a strategy for a new thriving life story.  The process for my coaching model is Saboteur/Shadow/State of Mind/Story/Strategy for Change.  For this Virtual Workshop, we’ll focus specifically on our relationship with money and success.  

As a coach participant, you’ll receive access to my LifeLine Exercise, an Assessment that works best to uncover the limitations sabotaging progress, and a snapshot of my model to support your clients in shifting from self-sabotage to self-acceptance. You’ll also discover first-hand, the 5 greatest money saboteurs and how they play out in our lives.

The 5 greatest money saboteurs are:

  • Our parents or caregivers limiting beliefs
  • Our own negative triggers from childhood (shadow stories)
  • Our unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Our limiting choices
  • The actions taken from those limiting choices

In this 60-minute Virtual Workshop, you can begin to make peace with your money saboteurs and embrace a prosperous business and life.