How I Survived COVID-19. Written by Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Prosperity-Building Coach™ . Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, New Money Story® & Coauthor of an Amazon Best Seller, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life!

I decided to write this article because of all the fear I’ve seen & heard around getting this virus, & the statistics regarding the death rates, as if nobody was dying from underlying diseases before COVID.

Now that I’m so much better informed, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned & tell my truth. I hope you accept it in the spirit for which it was written, simply expressing my real experience.

Now, this may be controversial for some of you, I get it. In no way do I deny your right to your fears, they are yours & you live with them.

However, as a professional coach, my career is designed around co-creating strategies to help overcome my client’s fears, so they can move forward in recognizing their own potential & power to change. There are only two ways to recover from any problem, change your situation or change yourself, your way of seeing it (perception vs reality?)

COVID has no doubt shaken our confidence & our world!

My Personal COVID Experience

I arrived early, before the holiday to CO to visit my son, his fiancé & my grandsons. They went skiing while I prepped food for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing sharing our gratitude & love for each other at dinner, a family tradition. With all the restrictions & isolation that have been placed on us for months, we felt a freedom to be together.

Yes, there were certain risks in traveling, but I was responsible by wearing a mask & social distancing until I got near my family. None of us had COVID. We subsequently contracted it on a visit with another family who didn’t know. Our 18-year-old teenager tested negative & our young teen positive but asymptomatic, as we’ve heard is common. The adults in the house all tested positive.  It swept through our family like a huge dark gust of wind.

Each one of us had varied symptoms, which included, body aches, headaches, loss of smell & taste, diarrhea, lots of coughing, a secondary infection of pneumonia, blood clotting, throat & neck issues & burning eyes.

I started getting symptoms the night of Thanksgiving with shortness of breath, pressure on my chest, a little cough & extreme fatigue.  Keep in mind, I’m at 8,000 feet in CO.  My kids called an ambulance when I couldn’t take another step or a good breath & they thought it best to start treatment on my way to the hospital, a 45-minute drive.

I was taken to an amazing health care facility in Denver with tested protocols. The nurses shared that getting it right had been a learning experience. There are much better treatments today (although still more needed) then in the beginning of this Pandemic.

I was immediately put in an ER room alone with this tiny little nurse wearing full PPE so she could work on me. They took a chest X-ray from the room. All treatments were conducted in that one space. They, of course, took blood & checked my oxygen levels & heart rate & I was put on an IV of steroids. The doctor came in & said my oxygen levels were way below normal so he would admit me to the hospital.

Here’s the phenomenal piece to all of this. I am 75 with a pacemaker (electrical heart problem, no artery issues & rheumatoid arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease I inherited from my father’s genes.)  The hospital staff was shocked when the doctor said she could release me in 24 hours. My oxygen levels had gone from the middle 80’s to 96.

Since my whole family was COVID positive & couldn’t pick me up, the hospital kept me for 48 hours & sent me home with a prescription for COVID steroids & a monitor for my heart rate & oxygen levels (which you can purchase for under $50). I reached a 98 in my oxygen absorption only two days after my release. I am 90% fully recovered.

Why is my experience so different from many others? It has a lot to do with 3 things.

1) We acted quickly, I was in the right hospital with effective protocols, amazing health care workers & dedicated nurses.

2) I remained a positive advocate for myself, asking questions, why are you doing this or giving me these meds? I needed no antibiotics, which made me happy, because it’s my belief that unless it’s absolutely necessary for an infection, only then should it be prescribed.

3)  I had friends who started prayer groups for me. I am a woman of faith & I know God was at work through prayer in bringing me back to health. I’m so grateful. It gave me such hope. I didn’t feel alone. I relished my texts with prayers & messages of love & good thoughts.

I interviewed my committed nurses to get their perspective. One of the night nurses had been on duty since March. She told me she went home to read why I had healed so fast. What was the essence of my case that supported my quick recovery? They told me no other person of my age before me with a compromised immune system ever left the hospital within 48 hours.

I’m now going to inform you of what I learned. Some of you may not want to hear this. The truth can set you free but first it might tick you off.

You are totally responsible for your overall health & well-being. The condition your body is in, if & when you contract COVID, is how COVID will play out in your body. As one of my nurses said, it attacks your weaknesses. It’s like the virus searches for those areas of sickness in your body & your mind. The loss of smell, taste & headaches are neurological conditions. The scary part is, it’s not seasonal, we’ve had it through the summer as well as fall & winter, we are just now getting a vaccine, thankfully in a phenomenal amount of time.

Here’s my 5-step prescription for you if you should want to accept it before you contract COVID. You can Live Vibrantly whether you get the virus or not. Arm yourself with a healthy body & mind!

  • Take an inventory of your current health condition. Are you at high-risk? What can you change in your diet & lifestyle to shift the odds in your favor today? Will you elevate your state of mind?
  • Do you take quality supplements, probiotics (a must for gut health), eat healthy foods & do simple exercises?
  • Do you fill your mind with thoughts of good health or are you thinking negatively, mostly about what you don’t want?
  • Are you practicing mindfulness & self-care?
  • Are you willing to seek support, be accountable to share & experience improved results with your health?

I am living proof that you can decide what’s real. Nobody can take that away from you, unless you let them. Take charge of your lifestyle today. Release yourself from the chains of survival, develop your thrive skills. I’d love to hear from you. You don’t have to buy anything from me for me to respond to you. You can begin by taking my FREE Body Weight & Health Mindset QUIZ™ to take a first step in healing your body & your mind. You can connect with me using the subject line of COVID Article.

Gloria Manchester is a professional thrive coach who’s dedicated her life to the emotional, physical, relational & financial health of others through her coaching platform & community for women.