Is it time to celebrate all that you are and reap the rewards? It’s much easier to realize your dreams and goals in life, with the support of a professional life coach!

My Money Story coaching experience in November 2015 through January 2016 changed everything in my life!

It’s true, when you change one thing, everything changes.  I learned to focus on what I wanted and visualize the result.  My life story is not who I am today.  I became aware that my past mistakes were teaching me to be the compassionate woman I am today.

Admittedly, I was a perfectionist and a ‘pleaser’.  In a seminar that I was presenting, if one person in the group gave me an evaluation of “very good” and not “excellent,” I would be frustrated.  I would wonder why I had not reached that one person!  I wanted all the evaluations to be “perfect” or I felt I had somehow … failed.

As a professional communication coach and former radio talk show host, if my coaching practice was not as successful or as much fun as it could have been or had been in the past, I felt stuck!

My romantic relationships with men were often co-dependent, and I collected a few poor souls no matter what their profession or income.  I wanted a true, emotionally healthy partner – a man I would not have to “fix,” rescue, cajole, etc.  One suitor asked me, “How big a diamond do I have to put on your finger for you to say ‘yes’.

Today, I am with the love of my life (I met him after my first month in the New Money Story®) and we are wonderfully happy together.  He is intelligent, a world traveler, author, and a caring, fun, true life partner.

My coaching practice has shifted to include workshops to help women celebrate their third chapter of life and make it their best chapter!  No one is too old to begin again. It’s not too late to be your most authentic self.  Third Chapter Wise Women now have the time, passion and energy to find their TRUE NORTH!

Recently, I was interviewed on a New York radio show about my life and business. You can be sure that I will be reaching out to remind women in their third chapter that they are most free to be their most passionate, loving, vibrant selves.

Dolores Davis, Collaborative Communication Coach

Communication Changes Everything!

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