As a life and business coach, I have worked with many entrepreneurs and coaches who were struggling to make money in their business or in transitioning their careers.

I’m a prosperity coach. Prosperity coaching is about encouraging, developing, and strategizing with clients to thrive in all areas of life.

Though in my coaching practice I have often used assessments for EQ (Emotional Intelligence), C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence), personality science and saboteur assessments, in my research there seemed to be nothing available to measure a person’s mindset around prosperity.  With the support and expertise of other professionals, we designed and developed this innovative Prosperity IQ (P-IQ™) Assessment. Prosperity isn’t simply about money and wealth. It is defined as embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life. I don’t know who wouldn’t want that?

Using this self-assessment as a starting point to gauge your own prosperity mindedness can be life-changing. In taking it, you will reflect on eight areas of your life and receive one result based on your answers.

Creating a thriving mindset is a choice! I invite you to begin your journey to prosperity by taking the free Prosperity IQ (P-IQ™) assessment today.

Go to ProsperityIQ to find out which of the three (3) possible outcomes you score.

Gloria Manchester