We recently sent out a COVID-19 QUIZ to find out what our subscribers were experiencing during this crisis.  The image is a Word Cloud of the responses from the {QUIZ}. 

Flipping the Script!

I’m so thankful to the responders who shared their fears and hearts during this crisis. Because they’ve been so brave, we know there’s hope for the future. This experience has forced us all to shift our perspectives.

I read this today in one of my devotionals which was called Flipping the Script. It was written long before COVID-19 but I changed the thoughts to fit this crisis. I share them with you.

Perspective 1:  I’m dreading another day “sheltered in place” with the family

Perspective 2:  Today is the day I begin to outline a plan for recovery

Perspective 1:  Everyone depends on me for everything, I’m exhausted

Perspective 2:  I have learned so much more about my family; I have many people in my life that love me & I’m grateful for them

Here are some of the responses we want to share with you from a few of our subscribers who took the {QUIZ}.

What is your biggest fear around COVID-19?

“That it will work its way to me … I do still have to buy groceries and I am out a bit. I use precautions, but who knows.” ~ A

“Mostly I fear for my husband or mother who have underlying health conditions. I don’t want them to contract this virus!” ~ A

“My human life really is a mirage/miracle/illusion.” ~ K

“That it will never end.” ~ B

“My husband (a physician) stays protected from the virus.” ~ R

“Losing someone I love.” ~ E

There were many many more answers, so I randomly picked just a few. I so appreciate their words of wisdom and truth.

Most of these answers came in the earlier stages of the virus. Today, we’re finding women & families are experiencing a little more hope. The Word Cloud on this article is current as of today.

As you go through your day “sheltered in place” or working as a health professional, an essential worker, my challenge to all of you is for every dark “cloud” you’re living under, in any moment… flip the script.  Write down in a journal or post-it note a date and at least one thing you’re grateful for each day. Make it a habit. I’m doing it with you. Start with something you’re struggling with in the moment and shift perspective, seeing the other side of it.By writing down one gratitude a day, or better yet, text it to a friend or family member who may want to partner with you…and share each other’s. Do it with your kids or any family member living with you.

Access our Playing to Win vs Playing Not to Lose Chart.  Download & print the chart so you can use it as a daily guide to Flip the Script.

To your shifted perspectives, Gloria

Gloria is a founder of Create A Thriving Life Story™, an ICF-ACC Accredited Coach, Conversational Intelligence® Certified, Color Code® Personality Science Trainer & published author of an Amazon Bestseller – Self-Help Category