As a ‘CoachPreneur’ (an entrepreneurial coach who wears all the hats), you provide such a valuable service to your clients. You encourage and support their growth and transformation. And, at times it’s overwhelming. I know first-hand, coaches need support too!

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping coaches reach their pinnacle of success. Coaching is a business and too often I see coaches struggling to find the time to be marketing, networking, speaking, writing, finding clients, bookkeeping, and coaching. That’s why I created these 3-steps of MUST DO ACTIONS to thrive in your practice (which is a business).

Here are 3 MUST DO Action Steps

1) Have a Defined Niche

Yes, clarifying your niche is a must! Having a niche is how you distinguish yourself from other coaches. You need a clear intention around your WHY for choosing the niche you’re offering. Your messaging has to let potential clients know you can lessen or eliminate their pain if they choose you as their coach. So, ask yourself, “What makes my coaching offer unique and how does it support my clients in reaching their full potential?” Coaching is one of those professions that must be measureable. So, how will you measure up against other coaches?

2) Create a Personal Self-Care Routine

Call it what you will; compassion fatigue, burnout, or just plain exhaustion! We wear a lot of hats. It’s often easier to care for others while we neglect our own needs—eventually, everyone and everything we attempt to do will suffer when we aren’t keeping up with the demands we’ve placed on ourselves. Creating a personal care routine is like coaching yourself!

3) Establish a Passive Revenue Stream

Let’s face it, coaching 1:1 may be fulfilling, but it isn’t sustainable. We each have only 1440 minutes in each day. How do we create the most impact in those 1440 minutes? Passive revenue is the “Holy Grail” of coaching because you build the asset once and it keeps generating income for you. Imagine making money while you sleep! There are a number of ways to create multiple revenue streams; virtual workshops, group coaching, affiliate programs, and course creation.

If you’d like to learn how to increase your influence, impact and income, I’m facilitating a virtual workshop on January 24, 2019 and you’re invited. Bring a coach associate and get two seats for one small investment. Once you register, we’ll provide a coupon code for your associate.

Remember, clarify your niche, take care of yourself as well as you take care of others, and discover how easy it can be to establish a passive revenue stream. Is it time to unleash your practice!

To your prosperity, Malia Monaco, MA, ACC