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Virtual Workshop Series:
Your Roadmap to Prosperity™

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A live virtual workshop for women who want a
powerful voice in the world both personally and professionally

A Conversational Blueprint – How to Transform Your Difficult Conversations Into Empowering Conversations

No matter how successful a woman may be today, in the corporate or entrepreneurial world, or in a family environment, she often feels she isn’t being heard. Many times these perceptions start in early childhood. Many of us have a shadow story that may unconsciously be holding us back from expressing ourselves authentically.

Just as Victoria wrote in her testimony around this work, “A few years ago, my son and I lost connection after a family conflict during a Christmas visit with his wife and children.  Gloria had been my coach for a number of years and knew the history with my father.  I called on her to help me resolve the conflict with my son.  I was afraid that we’d drift farther apart and I might lose connection with my grandchildren. I couldn’t live with that!  I believed my son wasn’t hearing me, he was consistently trying to convince me to accept his assumptions, that weren’t necessarily true for me. I was intimidated by him and I felt powerless to change the situation.

Prior to the session, Gloria had us each complete a survey which she called a “Catalyst Tool”. She told us the results would enable her to uncover the patterns of impact and engagement in our conversations with one another.   I was so amazed at what was accomplished in that one 2-hour session. Once we were willing to listen to each other, in a more honest and compelling way, everything changed. I discovered in that one session that words really do matter. Now, a few years later, we’re still communicating openly with each other.  I am so grateful to Gloria and her coaching.”

No matter what messages you heard as a little girl, you have the power to stand up and declare your beliefs and opinions such that others hear the true message you want to deliver to the world.  You’ll learn a whole new way of having conversations that empower you and others. In this live virtual workshop, the facilitators will take you through a series of exercises to learn first-hand how a breakdown in trust is most often what keeps us from sharing what’s really in our hearts and minds. Everything begins with TRUST!

This fast-moving 90-minute workshop is designed for you to learn to effectively transform all your communications in career, business, and life. You’ll discover how to open up conversations that build trust, release your fears of perceived conflict, and experience the freedom to use your words in an empowering way. You’ll leave the workshop with A Conversational Blueprint Workbook to practice how to communicate clearly and powerfully to strengthen relationships and achieve greater results in everything you do.  You’ll experience how words create worlds!  

In this live workshop you’ll discover how to

  • Build trust in the first few moments of starting a conversation
  • Listen to connect with each other to make every conversation a win-win (power with vs power over)
  • Reframe your conversations to express your inner thoughts and feelings in a way that strengthens relationships and mutual success
  • Develop a powerful voice to get your ideas heard and accepted

Both facilitators are coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence®: Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC and Dawn M. Karner. ICF-PCC

This content is derived from Conversational Intelligence® and the work of Judith E. Glaser. 

Live Virtual Workshop: Monday March 11, 2019 at 4 PM PST presented live via Zoom

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