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“The Hartman Color Code Personality Assessment gave me new insights into myself, and putting that learning into the traits of a healthy relationship led to a breakthrough in my thinking about my own marriage and how we relate to each other.  Additionally, I very much appreciated the elements to make lasting change. Thank you.”
– Brad W., Coach in California

Coaches: Color Code® Your Practice Live Virtual Workshop

Gloria Manchester, ACC 

Learn to use the Color Code® Personality Science Assessment, a unique and powerful “Discovery Tool” to understand your client’s core motives and how your own style and core motive can be most effective in developing a client’s potential. The most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality tool you’ll ever take on yourself. Other profiles are typically behavior-based (what you do), while Color Code® Personality Science assessment results address your driving core motive (why you do it). Though no two of us are exactly alike, not even identical twins, there are four innate personalities, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow, each with its own motive that drives behavior. Learn how to communicate for influence with each color, from their perspective. Influence is moving people to a desired outcome while helping them feel genuinely good about themselves and you.  

From the results of your own assessment, in this one-hour virtual workshop, you’ll discover

  • How to assess your own style for coaching 3 other core colors
  • The innate strengths that will propel you forward
  • The one limitation that may be holding you back
  • How to set a clear intention to influence change
  • How to use Color Code® as a discovery tool with your clients

Live Virtual Workshop: January 17, 2019 presented via Zoom

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