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Dear Lunch and Learn Trainer:  I am so glad I attended this Lunch and Learn yesterday.  Please let the Trainer know I am taking her challenge, not just for today but I have committed to it, at least weekly. Additionally, I used the MM&M Method last evening with family and have used it already this morning with a staff member I supervise. This lunchtime session was truly an eye-opener, most importantly a game changer in my life!   – J. Brown, Social Services Supervisor

Dear Rose:  Thank you for your engaging and thorough presentation on Mindfulness at our most recent New Employee Orientation…I particularly enjoyed the exercises you introduced and anecdotally, I heard people comment on how they enjoyed the meditation practices. It is an honor to work with someone who is so dedicated and knowledgeable. Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise.  – K., LCSW

Rose did a fantastic job introducing Mindful Leadership to program managers.  The training was well received! – G., Training Coordinator

Kudos! I was talking to a couple of co-workers who I had not seen for a while in my office when they saw you pass by last week. They both have attended a few classes where you are the trainer and they said that you are an awesome trainer and more:

  • You have a strong presence (but in a great way)
  • Very confident in your training skills
  • Very professional when speaking
  • Great with the audience, know how to connect with them
  • Use sense of humor which made your training very pleasant
  • Use eye contact to capture audience attention
  • Very knowledgeable, but humble

They have also heard the same comments/feedback from other co-workers. Now I can’t wait to attend one of your trainings. – S., Supervisor

This Virtual Workshop is for Anyone Who Wants to Generate a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Experiencing Micro-Mindful Moments (MM&M’s)

Do you want to generate a mindfulness culture in your home and workplace?

In our information-overload world, the moment we wake up, the moment we open our eyes, our brains start racing with a Niagara Falls cascade of thoughts and our bodies awaken to a stream of sensations and feelings.

As we start our day, whether at home or at work, we unconsciously begin multitasking with an ongoing list of things to do.  In this never-ending process, we are often not aware of our emotional state, our energy levels, and the stress we are placing on our bodies, hearts, and minds; nor are we aware of the impact we are having on those around us.

Today, mindfulness is the focus of leading-edge studies and research in top universities and medical institutions around the world. This impressive research is showing us we can use our minds to measurably change and rewire our brains in positive ways.

In this 75-minute webinar, you’ll learn to easily introduce mindful moments into your daily routine at home or at work that will accelerate your personal development, increase work-related focus and performance, and contribute to your clarity of mind and healthy well being.

Though you must practice mindfulness to gain its benefits, you don’t have to be devoted to hours of daily meditation.  And, you don’t need to take a big chunk out of your day in order to reset, refuel and recharge yourself. In fact, mindfulness is more about focus and frequency than it is about length of attention.

Here are some of the benefits of inserting micro-mindful moments throughout your day:

  • Decrease your stress and readily recover from conflict and frustration
  • Practice self-care to balance your professional and personal life
  • Elevate your productivity and creativity
  • Increase your clarity of focus and decision-making
  • Expand your emotional intelligence and communicate more effectively
  • Build-up your immune system responses and resilience to distress

Virtual Workshop: Available after March 11, 2019  presented by Rosalie D. Gibbons, MFT

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