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“I hired Malia as my courseware coach to guide me through her online courseware platform process. I learned the foundations of course creation, created course goals, identified what would make my courseware so uniquely different. With Malia coaching and guiding me through the process, I received incredible professional support and courseware platform tools I needed.” ~ Will W, Coach

“Malia has become indispensable to me in creating innovative new courses and marketing campaigns, and solving the technical challenges we encounter daily.”
– Gloria M. – Founder of Create a Thriving Life Story™

Life and Business Coaches:
Increase Your Influence and Your Income with an Online Course or Workshop

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Malia Monaco, MA, ACC

“Becoming an online course creator is a lot like climbing Mt. Everest. It’s challenging. It’s not for everyone. But for those who do succeed, it’s life-changing.”
-Danny Iny – CEO of Mirasee

Is technology stopping you from building an online course? Perhaps, you’ve been sitting on a course idea for years, just as Will did.

Through her extensive knowledge, technical skills, and experience as a coach, Malia, Founder of The Course Launchpad™ has developed this Workshop, to share with you her proprietary 3-Phase Process on how to build your own online course, group coaching program or virtual workshop. With Malia as your guide, online creation won’t feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest.

As a professional coach, you have a uniquely valuable talent in your specific niche.  Through your participation in this virtual workshop, you’ll discover how you can be earning passive income and expanding your reach to acquire new clients. Courseware is like an internet calling card. The great news is you don’t have to be a “techno-geek” to create your own signature online course or live group coaching workshop.  In simple and easy steps, Malia will show you how to generate your proprietary presence, draw in more clients, earn more money, and change more lives!

Your first step into online course development is participating in this 90-minute introductory Workshop. You’ll discover what’s possible for you and how to create an online presence that will help you show and grow your coaching practice.

You’ll also learn about the hosting and marketing opportunities available as an affiliate-partner on this Platform, Create a Thriving Life Story™.

If you’re willing to make a small investment to …

  • Define your niche to create your perfect offering
  • Position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Reach and retain more of your ideal clients
  • Be more influential and change more lives
  • Create passive income to grow your practice (build it once, sell it multiple times)
  • Be part of a community of professional coaches making a bigger difference in the world

Your journey starts here!

90-Minute Live Interactive Virtual Workshop: January 24, 2019 presented via Zoom, 4 pm PST

Hosted by Gloria Manchester, Founder of Create A Thriving Life Story™

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