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“I’ve been privileged to receive Janet’s coaching for the last six months! As I’m going through a major life transformation, Janet’s skill set has allowed me to embrace my transition with less fear, much more peace, and at times, jubilation. At the age of 70, I’m just now retiring from my work as a presentation skills coach, and looking to move across country so I can downsize and start a new life. I look forward to continuing my work with Janet. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to live a fuller and more engaged life!” – Holly C. – Coach

“Outstanding professionalism, amazing knowledge and skill set offered to clientele with fantastic transformational results. Stellar.”  – Vance P.

Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™ Live Virtual Workshop

Janet Ver Fine, Ph.D., BCC

In this ‘Mirroring Metaphors’ Workshop, I offer an introduction and application to the use of imagery, symbols, and metaphors to illustrate the deeper meaning in developing a brand new thriving life story.  So often, we see that our clients may believe they’re creating a new vision for their lives,  then later discover they’re still struggling. This is usually because they’re stuck in the same familiar pictures and only adding frame after frame, when what they really need is a whole new set of pictures that clearly illustrate a fresh new flourishing storyline.

Your own experience in this workshop will begin to equip you to easily translate this deeper metaphorical wisdom into your coaching practice, priming and empowering your clients to re-invent themselves and successfully manifest their goals and aspirations.

If you are a professional coach, ready to discover deeper, meaningful, and powerful changes for you and your clients through the use of ‘Mirroring Metaphors’, this Virtual Workshop is for you.

In this 90-minute experience, you’ll be inspired to discover

  • The true power in your clients’ stories
  • The keys to uncovering what’s not being said
  • New reflections from their life journeys
  • How to manifest their goals and aspirations using metaphors

Live Virtual Workshop: March 14, 2019 presented via Zoom

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