At the beginning of the year, many of us started out with a clear 20/20 vision for ourselves, our families, and our careers.  As we tend to do after the New Year, we set goals and mentally mapped out and visualized how the year was going to play out.  No one saw this pandemic coming, no one predicted its magnitude, its destructive force, its fierce tenacity to insidiously take hold of us and shake our world to its core. In the midst of our collective communities, states, and countries’ attempt to navigate these unprecedented challenges, too often we’ve been left alone to piece together what remains of our former year-end vision and our world as we once knew it.  Many of us have been left scrambling to determine what is still in our control, what remains in balance and what we can do to restore some connectivity, certainty and communion within ourselves, our families and loved ones.

No one knows how long this pandemic is going to last or can accurately foretell its far-reaching impact.  As nothing has hit the world quite like this before, there are no blueprints, examples, or bottled solutions.  At best, we have a few guidelines.

So where do we go from here?  Do we ride this year out, waiting for it to end, holding on to what we have left, while letting the days, weeks, months slip by?  If we take this protective stance, will we be in any different place at the end of the year than we are right now?  What is the alternative?

Though there is no denying, on a global scale we have suffered a tremendous loss and many of us have experienced a very personal agonizing loss, consider a separate emerging truth. No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live, what your circumstances, if you reflect on what you have been called to handle and navigate these past several months, there are few who could say they have not stretched, done things they never imagined themselves doing or having to do, leveraged resources, and discovered creative solutions to their everyday problems.  One thing for certain about this pandemic, it has required us to redefine ourselves, re-assess what matters and who and what’s important to us.

Take a moment to acknowledge the adaptative solutions, creative uses and skills you’ve developed as a result of facing these circumstances.  What inner strengths have you evoked? What risks have you taken?  What upticks in confidence do you notice? What truths have you dared to share? What silver-lining moments have you discovered?  What do you want for yourself and your loved ones’?  What attitude or energy do you need to bring to effectively respond to and get what you want?

In your willingness to pause for a few reflective moments, to listen to your authentic inner voice, to take stock in the resilience you’ve shown in the midst of our world-wide unknowns, you will begin to redesign a creatively personal, purposeful and powerful 20/20 year-end vision that might not look anything like what you envisioned at the start of the year but will compel you to step boldly and confidently into a new uncertain future.

Out of our commitment to produce a powerful & prosperous-minded forum for women to come and transform their experience, we created LEAP to Prosperity FREE Virtual Summit for Women™ ,with multi-topic workshops and inspiring interviews.  What happened is not who we are, it’s what happened to us. We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, meaningful, and thriving life.  The key word is embracing. Together we’ll redefine our goals, restrengthen ourselves and our relationships, and revitalize our lives.  It’s the new 2020 vision!

Rosalie D. Gibbons, MFT,  will present her workshop on the benefits and practice of mindfulness, Calming the Chaos: One Micro-Mindful Moment at a Time. She’ll be live on Day 5 of this Summit. Rose is certified in Conversational Intelligence®, Narrative Coach, Color Code® Personality Science, and the coauthor of an Amazon Bestseller RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life.