During the pandemic I gained 15 lbs. I was on Diet Overload, asking myself, “what do I eat, what foods are good for my body?”  So,  instead of trying to take a course in how my body functions, I asked my neighbor, Lynn, who is a Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Expert, to be my accountability partner, so I could shed 15 lbs. I am heading in the right direction after only 2.5 days, so far 2.5 lbs gone.

Notice I am not using the word lost, because when we lose something, we’re always looking until we find it. I don’t want to find these COVID lbs. ever again.

Why am I writing about this? 

I’m a professional coach & with Lynn,  as a health expert, we’re creating a weight & health class we consider to be a winning combination called, Shedding COVID-19 LBS. 8-Week Challenge, beginning Saturday, January 2nd. This is the day after the New Year when most of us are bloated from indulging over the holidays. With this Challenge, participants are making a New Year’s Resolution before the New Year. Did you know 45% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken in the first week. We’ll educate you, coach you & hold you accountable so you can win!   Great idea right?  However, it will be limited to the first 19 women who register.

Have you put on some COVID lbs. you want to shed? It all begins by resetting your mindset. I’m inviting you to take our FREE Body Health Mindset QUIZ™ so you can score your state of mind…around your body & your health. It’s a great start to any weight loss, health regimen or program.

Feel free to pass on the QUIZ to any other woman you know who may want to shed up to 19 lbs.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, is the President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP)

a Prosperity-Building Coach™ & founder of LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community for Women™